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Working almost entirely online means that I rely on a robust kit of digital tools to keep my business running seamlessly, but it hasn’t always been that way…

Before I started out I had absolutely no idea just how many digital tools were available but as my business started to grow I began to discover lots of them, to be completely honest too many & that’s when it became overwhelming. I tried so much of what was recommend to me, all in an effort to make my working life a lot easier but some of the resources just didn’t cut it.

As a creative, I love to use tools that are creative (duh!), that are intuitive (because I don’t want to spend days trying to figure out how to use them) & that are customisable enough to fit with my brand.

I am happy to say, after sifting through a load of not so great resources, I’m now armed with an awesome digital tool kit that does all of that & saves me time, energy & money.

Any discounts offered by clicking through from this website are highlighted for you. 

If you have any questions about anything that I recommend, please do get in touch as I’ll be happy to answer them.

Soul-filled wishes, Kelly x

Digital Tools & Resources that I use & love

This page contains links to products & services that I use & love. Some are paid, some are free services or tools, some have the option to upgrade at a later date – I would highly recommend reading through the terms & conditions for each site so that you are clear on what you are signing up for. If you click through from this website (www.soulmadic.com) & subscribe or purchase a tool or service that I recommend, I may make a small commission. This commission helps to cover the costs of running this website, its blog & any services, products or resources that I offer for free & will result in no extra cost for you.


Web & Email Hosting

Having changed from my previous host to Siteground, I cannot recommend them enough. The interface they have created is intuative, making it easy to manage your website(s), email boxes & domain(s) yourself. The starter rates are super affordable with transparency as to how much the rates will go up at the end of the introduction period. The support team are very helpful & will even assist you with one site migration, moving everything from your current host to them. They are based in the UK but offer a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) meaning they will serve your files & website worldwide.

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Keyword Research Tool

If you want people to ‘stumble’ across your website, SEO is important. SEO = search engine optimisation & involves optimising your website through the use of keywords so that Google can deliver your content to the people who are looking for it. Keysearch is a keyword research tool that I use for all of my websites & blog posts. With a keyword rank tracker & many other great features, Keysearch is one of my favoiurite digital tools & I highly recommend it! Get 20% off with discount code —> KSDISC

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Backing Up

Avoid hair tearing & a load of potential stress when your website crashes by having it backed up automatically. Updraft plus also comes with the option to not only back up to your server but will connect to a cloud storage solution such as Dropbox to ensure you can get your website back up & running easily should it crash due to any updates or changes that are made.

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Website Theme

Do you love this website? That has a lot to do with the theme that I use. It’s called Flatsome, it is highly customisable & it’s available on Envato Market. I have tried an array of different themes & Flatsome by far outshines them all. With no need for coding it has saved me a ridiculous amount of time & has helped to create not just this but other beautiful websites too.

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Creative Photography

Creative Photography

The Creative Cloud Photography Plan

I use Adobe for photography which is a big part of everything that I do. With the photography plan I have access to Lightroom & Photoshop across all of my devices meaniing that I can easily edit & transform my images & video content, even when I’m on the go! With its in app tutorials & demos, Adobe has also helped me to build my photography skills. Adobe is a must have for any photographer’s collection of digital tools!

Business Branding Tools
Business Branding Tools

Proposals That Convert

Save time creating proposals, know when they are opened & signed & get paid quicker! Better proposals offer beautifully designed proposals to wow potential clients in a clear, visually inspiring & professional manner. Choose from in-built proposal templates or start from scratch. This is one of my favourite tools to use & it has increased my conversion rate for SoulMadic Digital Coaching & my inspired digital marketing business, The Green ThreadClick below to try it & get a month for free!

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Professional Email Signatures

Add a truly professional touch to your emails & market your products & services at the same time. This email signature tool will have your brand or business represented perfectly but also gives you the option to add links, videos or images to promote your business. Click through from SoulMadic & get an awesome 20% discount off your purchase.

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Graphic Design Tool

Say it with design – Canva will help you to do just that. From social media graphics to presentations, Canva’s easy to use interface will ensure that you create something beautiful. Having Canva in my digital tools gives me the edge in keeping content fresh, engaging & unique for my brand. 

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Social Media Tools
Social Media Tools

Social Media Scheduler 

Keeping on top of social media can be overwhelming. A planned strategy & the tools to help you deliver content will take away a lot of that overwhelm. I use Buffer to schedule social media posts for a continuous social media presence on Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn – strategy & scheduling for social media are a must if you’d like your business to maintain a digital presence.

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Ramp Up Your Pinterest

Pinterest can drive tons of traffic drive to your website but without something to help you it will take a lot of time to achieve this. Tailwind app is a pin scheduling tool that, used well will result in a lot of website visitors for you. Some of the features that make Tailwind so great are smart scheduling, analytics / monitoring & tribes – the latter being perhaps the most important as tribes will help you to grow! I currently only use Tailwind for Pinterest but it’s a great visual tool for Instagram too!

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Multi-link Tool For Instagram

Solve the one link in bio problem on Instagram with Campsite. A free tool that allows you to link to multiple places across the web. Easy to set-up & brand customisable. Campsite is a fab cross promotion tool.

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The Perfect Instagram Grid

This planning tool allows me to drop & arrange photos to plan out my Instagram posts & create a coherent looking feed. With some other great tools including a hashtag finder, calendar function & story scheduling for  Instagram – Plann That will help to take your Instagram account to the next level.

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E-mail Marketing
E-mail Marketing

As a digital business owner my email lists are my biggest asset, compared to other 3rd party platforms, they are the only lists that are exclusive to me. I use both Mailchimp & ConvertKit for my email marketing. Mailchimp I prefer for my travel blog, Destination Addict – for sending out newsletters that are packed full of information but are very image & video heavy. ConverKit I use for everything else such as my inspired digital marketing business,The Green Thread, Soul Madic Digital Coaching & my sustainable clothing range Nature Threads – for which I send out shorter, bit sized chunks of information, inspiration & offers.

All-in-one Integreated Marketing Platform

Create beautifully designed campaigns & understand exactly what is & isn’t working with Mailchimp. As well as this Mailchimp promotes healthy content management practices & integrates with a range of online tools & platforms helping you to market & sell via email.

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Creative Email Marketing

ConvertKit provides an afforadable & creative platfrom from which to grow your business through stunning forms, trackable data & simple automations. Although not hugely customisable, ConverKit’s pre-designd landing pages & forms will save a lot of time in getting your campaigns set-up.

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Getting Organised
Getting Organised

Work Management

Teamwork is the backbone of my business as it’s where I organise everything. Getting stuff out of my head & into this amazing project management tool allows me to keep track of all that I do, including time critical tasks via one big calendar view. This means more time for creation & a better focus on deadlines, rather than skipping from task to task in an un-strategic way. As suggested in the name, Teamwork is great for collaborating with others & with added features such as a built in CRM it is set to stay with me as my business continues to grow.

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Visual Project Planner

Collaborate & get more done! I love using Trello to keep on top of projects – it’s easy to use & visual which means my team & I can easily see exactly where we are at. I even use Trello with clients so that they can log in & check on the progress of projects & they love it too! Trello is a winner & integrates with a range of online tools.

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Clockify Time Tracker

Keeping track of time is not only important if you are working for clients but it’s also great to keep track on your own business too. Knowing how much time is spent on tasks will make it much easier to manage your own time & when the time comes to pass tasks onto others you’ll have an idea of just how long they take to complete.

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Online Scheduling Tool

Acuity give your clients access to your availability, allowing them to book an appointment with you & have their confirmation & link to join the call sent out to them automtically. This is what Acuity can do at a basic level, it will also collect information in advance for you, allow you to offer mulitple appoinments or services & will even connect to take payments for you. I’ve tried a range of scheduling tools, none of which cut it when compared to Acuity.

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Cloud Storage

Mostly everyone has heard of Dropbox nowadays & that reputation is for a reason – having all of your files, safely stored & easy to access is essential for any business. I use Dropbox because it’s simple to save, store & share files & documents with my team & clients. In terms of digital tools for online business, a cloud storage solution is a must.

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Password Manager

Remembering passwords is an absolute pain, especially if you use as many tools as me. I’ve taken the headache out of this by using Dashlane, a secure password sharing tool that allows me to acccess my own passwords, share them with my team & receive passwords from clients, securely. The premium version that I use syncs across multiple devices meaning that I never have to remember another password again – Get 6 months of Dashlane premium for free via SoulMadic.

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Finance Tools
Finance Tools

Borderless Bank Accoount

Having an online business & worldwide client base means receiving payments in different currencies. My borderless business bank account with Transferwise has allowed me to receive multiple currencies with no set-up costs & minimal fees. With separate banking details for each currency it makes it a lot easier for my clients to pay invoices in their native currency, hassle free. Get up to £500 of fee free transfers when signing up via SoulMadic.

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Payment Gateway

Square means that people can purchase my products or services securely with all major credit cards. Taking payments with Square means that I can not only charge via my website, over the phone & straight from an invoice but I also have the option for a card reader too. Activate a Square account through SoulMadic & receive free processing on up to £1,000 in sales during your first 180 days!

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Accounting Software

Money movements are very important within a business & since I have invested in Xero my accounts have become a lot clear & easier to understand. Xero can be connected to all of your business bank accounts & helps massively with controlling cashflow. Accountants also seem to love it, meaning when you are ready to invest in an accountant everything will be set up in a way that saves time.

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GoCardless & Get Paid

Do you take regular payments from clients? A Direct Debit may just be the answer for you. Once a mandate has been set up by your client the collection of payment is automatic saving you time in chasing payments. Integration with Xero invoicing makes a powerful duo as once an invoice is raised a seamless system collects fees on the invoice due date.