5 Simple Personal Branding Tips

Five Simple Personal Branding Tips by SoulMadic Digital Coaching

As a creative business owner branding is so important for me, it’s what brings my ‘online image’ together & helps me to stand out. Amongst all of the pretty-ness though one thing I aim NOT to do is, lose myself. It’s key that my message weaves through everything that I do & I ensure this by keeping it simple. This blog post covers 5 personal branding tips to help you do just that!

This page contains links to products & services that I use & love. Some are paid, some are free services or tools, some have the option to upgrade at a later date – I would highly recommend reading through the terms & conditions for each site so that you are clear on what you are signing up for. If you click through from this website (www.soulmadic.com) & subscribe or purchase a tool or service that I recommend, I may make a small commission. This commission helps to cover the costs of running this website, its blog & any services, products or resources that I offer for free & will result in no extra cost for you.

1. Get Personal With Your Branding

At the core of my brand is me & I’m guessing, if you are reading this post, at the core of your brand is YOU!

I’ve recently gone through a complete re-branding, which is what has sparked me to share these personal branding tips. I wanted SoulMadic Digital Coaching to scream what I do without getting too wordy. It’s a long story which has brought me to now, running a full-time creative digital business, online from my tiny home on wheels {insert drum roll} & cue, a full review of this post’s header image – my life & business told in one picture…

Personal Branding Tips - An Illustration That Reflects My Brand Perfectly © Stefania Tomasich - Oopsy Ideas
Personal Branding Tips – An Illustration That Reflects My Brand Perfectly © Stefania Tomasich – Oopsy Ideas

Now, I’m not saying that an illustration is for everyone but that this has achieves exactly what I want for my brand – something that tells my story, as soon as people land on my website, without the words which is a massive bonus!

A special shout out here to Stefania Tomasich of Oopsy Ideas who created this gorgeous artwork for me.

2. Choosing The Right Fonts For Your Personal Brand

You may be thinking ‘what do you mean, the ‘right’ fonts?’ let me explain…

I find having key fonts for my brand helps to create consistency.

For example for my website, the fonts that I use are…

Header font for personal brand
Personal Brand font for paragraph text
Personal Brand font for alt. text

That’s 3 texts to choose…

1. For your headers.

2. For paragraphs.

3. An alternative font for occasional use.

I’d recommend no more than this to remain visually consistent & personally I love to use a handwritten style text for headers as I feel it gives my brand more of a personal feel.

Bonus personal branding font tip for newbie WordPress users… Before starting to build your WordPress site, head to customise —> style —> typography & set all of your fonts so that they set automatically throughout your site as you are building it.

3. Use Of Colour For Your Personal Brand

What instant vibe do you want your brand to give? The right colour for your personal brand will help you to achieve that vibe!

When looking at colours for SoulMadic Digital Coaching, I researched colour psychology & chose (if you’ve been here before or follow me on any social media platforms you’ve probably guessed it) – YELLOW!

Here are psychological properties of some colours...

Personal Branding Tips - Use Of Colour
Personal Branding Tips – Use Of Colour

I love the vibe that yellow brings to my brand, it’s the colour that most aligns with me & what I do. You’ll have your own preference depending on what your personal brand is all about.

Once you have chosen your colour I would recommend creating a palette around your colour scheme. Being a lover of all things nature I use the seasons for this & have created the following…

Personal Branding Tips - SoulMadic Colour Palette
Personal Branding Tips – SoulMadic Colour Palette

I do use a mix of the colours above but at the moment for example, I am using the lighter yellow more in my social media posts as we are in Spring & I’ll be moving onto more of a summer feeling soon (which I am so excited about as I love summer!)

Bonus personal branding colour tip for newbie WordPress users… Before starting to build your WordPress site, head to customise —> style —> colours & set all of your colours so that they set automatically throughout your site as you are building it.

4. Don’t Overthink – Your Brand Is You!

Firstly I think that keeping your brand a) simple & b) as aligned with you as a person as you possibly can be are key! Also remember that as you grow, evolve & change, your personal branding will too & that is ok, what you decide doesn’t need to be set in stone forever.

Remain flexible with it & don’t put too much thought into getting everything just perfect. One thing that I always do when I am creating something is to give myself enough time to create a first draft then leave some time in-between to come back to it with a fresh head, if I spend too long on one thing I have a tendency to delve in too deeply, trying to perfect it as much as possible & to be honest from there I normally end up exhausted & not able to make a decision at all.

As my Mum always tells me, sleep on it (haha, it really does work)!

5. Use Tools That Will Help You

I run my business using an array of online systems & tools – there are soooo many out there & I have tried & tested a lot of them.

As a creative, I love tools that are creative (duh!) but that are also intuitive to use, as I really dislike spending hours trying to figure out how to use something.

Some of my favourite personal branding tools are…

Canva My absolute fav! From social media graphics to presentations, Canva’s easy to use interface will ensure that you create something beautiful. Having Canva in my digital tools gives me the edge in keeping content fresh, engaging & unique for my brand. 

WisestampAdd a truly professional touch to your emails & market your products & services at the same time. This email signature tool will have your brand or business represented perfectly but also gives you the option to add links, videos or images to promote your business. Click through from SoulMadic & get an awesome 20% discount off your purchase.

Better ProposalsSave time creating proposals, know when they are opened & signed & get paid quicker! Better proposals offer beautifully designed proposals to wow potential clients in a clear, visually inspiring & professional manner. Choose from in-built proposal templates or start from scratch. This is one of my favourite tools to use & it has increased my conversion rate for SoulMadic Digital Coaching & my inspired digital marketing business, The Green Thread

So, there you have it. 5 simple tips for your personal brand that you can get started with today.

If you have any questions or anything that you’d love to add yourself, please do so in the comments at the very bottom of this post.

Soul-filled wishes,

Kelly x

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